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Jul. 17th, 2010


hi, blogosphere


that's where you'll find me now :)

Dec. 18th, 2008



Hi guys! KLM has this amazing promotion where if we get to fill up the most number of seats in a virtual airplane, we get to win ACTUAL tickets to europe! Please join the game (Fill the Plane on the KLM website, link should be here too)!!!LIKE SRSLY! LET'S FILL UP THAT PLANE PEOPLEEEEE! CLICK CLICK CLICK!

I want you to take a look at : KLM - Fill a Plane - Promote your plane

Mar. 8th, 2008


good to know HAHA (filched off nico)

bedroom toys Powered By Stimulators

* * *

i saw what she had written, and in me i felt a harrowing emptying.

Dec. 28th, 2007


♥ holga ♥ love ♥

picked up 5 rolls of 135 film i had scanned to CD from digiprint, and i like the results. :) i think after the experiments with the sprocket-filled 135 mod, i'm ready to jump back to medium format.

a photo dump is appropriate, i think---

good luck to the UP Debate Society contingent to this year's WUDC!
much luck to the rest of the Philippine contingent as well :)

this is the econ parking lot
i love how it looks like fall there this time of year

this is another fall-feeling photo from econ

hello world. i'm tet. :)

my heart, it belongs to him

happy holidays!

more photos are available on my multiply site. sprockets galore hihihi :)

Dec. 2nd, 2007

blair groupie

Post Update: From the Intellectual Free Market

We have bad comedy in the Philippines, no thanks to Trillanes.

The current events surrounding Philippine politics currently has left me largely foot-in-mouth. The long-running joke about how you don't have high-profile crimes, much less genuine organized crimes in the country that would require laser sharp intuition on the part of our crime fighters (think CSI) because Filipinos just don't seem to have/want to use appropriate brain wattage-- well, the most recent outburst (it's barely a coup d'etat, really) from much sensationalized Mr. Trillanes and his cohorts seem to be a vivid example of that. (more...)

Nov. 20th, 2007


moving residences

hopefully for real this time, i'm migrating entries from this blog to THIS ONE on blogspot (for those who are incapable of mouse-over or clicking, the url is http://stresstabs.blogspot.com).

this will remain to be my LJ account however, for two purposes:

1) to issue updates to my friends regarding whatever written work i may have written on my other blogs; and
2) to follow up on friends who still use LJ and f-locking. because i rely heavily on social networking sites to catch up on people who mean a lot to me but i am just incapable of having any face-to-face contact with.

for such reason, i'm also going to transfer the title "welcome to a new brand of smart" for use in the blogspot blog, (previously called "an attempt to chronicle a restlesss mind". the latter will migrate to my multiply account, which was previously called "a restless pursuit of the extraordinary" (arguably the most chaka of my blog titles).

i've two other existing blogs that are under consideration, one is The Opposite Direction, which was supposed to house foodtrip stories and book recommendations and such (basically leisurely preoccupations) but has remain untouched since May 2007. i like the "spirit" of the blog embodied by the past entries, but i'm confused as to how to divide my entries. does that make sense? (i'm OC, duh, and the whole hodge-podge-ness of personal blogs have always peeved me).

the other is The Intellectual Free Market (TIFM) which was intended to be a group blog. perhaps i ran with this idea way too early which was why it remained softly launched eternally. i just recently posted regarding Social Networking and the Marketing Landscape, a response and exploration of the ideas presented in a recent article in The Economist. other proponents of the blog who have posted include Jim Miraflor (affiliated with Sanlakas) and Robin Lucas (affiliated with the Minimal Government Movement).

i enjoin you to visit the two existing blogs and advise me as regards the direction i must take them. for TIFM, if you want to join in and bring life to this project, please post a reply. if i find new souls who share the same vision for TIFM, i would be willing to venture on a layout revamp and even finding ways to increase traffic.

Nov. 1st, 2007


(no subject)

"Even my cold cereal doth taste like wormwood."

a quote, from Snoopy. because it encapsulates how i largely feel about the world and life.

hello pathetic mediocrity. hello protracted depression over deciding when to retire from "At the end of the day, what I want to prove is..." (not soon, not soon. i cannot handle soon). hello recognizing nothing will ever come easy. hello confusion, indecision, and maybe "it's a good thing"-rejection. goodbye inspiration. goodbye spontaneity. goodbye glorious meaning.

Sep. 6th, 2007


so it is. :o)

once in a while i remind myself that each year is composed of approximately 360 days (a safe assumption in some business calculations), each of which are unique and are such, once in a lifetime. however, each year, there are a couple of dates that i consider important over heaven and high hell.

today is one of those days i prepare for annually. like new year's, i consider it a milestone, and i more or less remember where i was and what i was doing for most part each time. so there's new year's, there's st. patrick's day, there's my shobe's birthday, and there's my birthday.

so! 21! woooow (15 year old self in great awe over being alive, at all, to see self at this age). it seems i get more dramatic and sentimental about it every year. 

my birthday never really got to enjoy bigbang celebrations at home because it would always be around some very inconvenient other circumstances, but we somehow managed to celebrate it. there was 8th birthday which was a big party (turning 8 was what my mum called a "BIG YEAR"), and there was 13th birthday which was also a party (ANOTHER BIG YEAR HAHA); but then again there was also 14th and 16th birthdays with pizza delivery (16th birthday also had a basket of chocolates and a glittery birthday card from tinka!), and 15th birthday with the KFC delivery, and of course, my big 17th birthday bash (held at home) while i was in NAsHDC debating. there was also my 18th birthday dinner celebrated by no less than my sister's HS busmates (because I was in college already), my 19th one with my mum waking me up fairly early preparing for me a super special breakfast (cos i had class to go to), and my 20th spent with debsoc people during Final Rites (with the group birthday cake!) in the morning and with my FSD kids in class that afternoon (OMG with the stpols cafeteria hashbrown!). 

perhaps over time, the unconventional pseudo-celebrations and how easy it was for people to make that day into the most special one every year--much to my surprise, given my "it's okay. let's just celebrate it for the sake of celebrating it" to assure them that it was unnecessary to inconvenience them for my sake-- has made it all the more special and meaningful. 

to the people who've been making my birthday week the best-- THANK YOU. you have no idea how happy i am just knowing you remember, or that you even bothered. :p

now i'd rather not start crying now at 12AM of my birthday because i really don't want to show up in school tomorrow ith puffy eyes. butbutbut, i just really want to share---

and now i officially miss my students. thank you,

thefrontrowgirl. this really got me all teary-eyed. and yes, may i have more sexytimes (?), and hopefully we get to hangout when i do. <3 

ill do my shout-outs next time. i have a BA101 exam to study for. now tomorrow, i only wish all my academic woes will go away for good. :) 

**lols. yes, i jump up at 12AM on my birthday with the belief that God will let me get away with a new year's practice hehe



Sep. 3rd, 2007


BIRTHDAY WEEK DAY 1-- looking forward!

yes, i like thinking of my birthday as a one-week build-up. ;)

what's the plan? given that my half-baked plans remain half-baked plans, the contingency is to work out tomorrow morning and finish my 141 paper for real! (because I really don't want to be worrying about it on ze birthday hihi).

anyone want to go out with me tomorrow / later? o-o shakes, ice cream, cheese, anyone?

Aug. 29th, 2007


turning 21 and then some :)

// it's a little more till my birthday, and i'm (passively, but massively hihi) excited. 21! i remember just being unable to imagine how i'd be like when i turn 21 back when i was 14 or 15. true, while there are no new legal privileges (?) bestowed on me at this age in this country, i'm sure more than one country outside these boundaries do. not to mention, i can now own a duly licensed bike in japan! woot!

for people who expressed desire to give me a present, my birthday wishlist may be found HERE.

and in keeping with all things vain in this post, boyfriend found out that there was a town called Tetbury in England! it's a nice, home~y, rural community, and reminds me so much of how i imagined towns in Chaucer's work. perhaps one day i'll visit Tetbury and get a good glass of malt or something. :)

and, of course. let's not forget the Vietnamese New Year, Tet. this interesting website for parents adopting viet kids has all these funny tips about Tet and celebrating Tet. i've never had so much fun reading sentences that refer to me in the third person point of view, let alone a holiday! click please!

and, while boyfriend didn't think it was good, this made my day:

The Vietnamese do not say "celebrate" when speaking of Tet; the words "to eat" are used as in the expression, "Will you eat Tet with your family?"
funny, when it is taken out of context. here's the rest of the text, which might help make sense out of everything--

It does not refer to the filling of one's stomach, although in the old days, when hunger was a constant problem, Tet time was a time of plenty during which one could eat one's full. "To eat" here means more to be nourished by, or to partake in the mutual communion with others, a spiritual eating or being nourished.
i'll post something less vain and more substantive next time. :) in the meantime, i'm going to go study monte carlo simulations and grieve over manchester united's a) pathetic premiership performance, and b) loss of ole gunnar solskjaer.// crossposted http://stresstabs.blogspot.com


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